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Become a Grief Coach: Welcome



CHOOSE One or more certification programS

The more Certifications you earn, the more clients you will be qualified to serve.

Grief Coach Certification

Grief Coach Business Cert.

Children's Grief  Coach  Cert.

Trauma Coach Cert.

End of Life Coach Cert.

The GRIEF  COACH MASTER BLUEPRINT is all 5 Certifications-the BEST VALUE at our deeply discounted bundle.

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complete the coursework and take the online certification


You will get 24/7/365 Unlimited Access to your courses. Work at your own pace. No due dates. No live requirements.

The Certification Programs include  Online Books that we supply for FREE. Videos, lectures,  case studies, role playing, and hands-on approaches.

Each Certification has 8 Courses so this is a very intensive learning experience. Continuing Ed Credits are available for those seeking Professional Development.

receive your official certificate

You will be beaming with pride as you hang our gorgeous CERTIFICATE(S) on your wall.

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Start a Support Group

Get Listed in the Grief Coach Directory

Offer TeleCoaching 

Get a Job

Get an Internship

We strongly encourage our students to enroll in the  Grief Coach Business Certification Program to learn How To Get Clients.

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Childrens Grief Coach Certification Bann
Trauma Coach Certification Banner Square
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EASY. Select one or more of our Certifications, complete the online work and we will send you a Grief Coach Certificate. This credential will enable you to launch your own Grief Coaching Business or work for an organization offering bereavement services.

Our Grief Coaching Certification Program  equips you to confidently coach people in any bereavement phase.  We show you how to address a individual holistically. We equip you with a massive toolbox of skills, tips and techniques. Most individuals have the answers within.

As a companion, we empower you to help your client discover their own solutions without imposing your own. 

Our coaches will experience their own  journey of personal insight and change, which is essential if you are going to coach others to do the same.

Become a Grief Coach: FAQ
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Each of our 5 Professional Certifications Opens Your Door to New Clients

STEP #1  Begin with our foundational Grief Coach Certification Program which empowers you to effectively companion most mourners. The 8 courses consist of Intro to Counseling, Sudden Death, Infant Death & Pregnancy Loss, Suicide, Overdose Deaths and much more.

STEP #2   Move to our essential Grief Coaching Business Certification which shows you how to Launch your Own Coaching Start-up, Get Clients, Comply with Legalities, Manage Finances, Be Ethical and much more. You get legal documents that would cost a fortune from a lawyer.

STEP #3   Decide which Grief Speciality you feel drawn to. Is it working with folks at the End of Life? Do you feel an affinity for Grieving Children?  Are you called to work with non-death Trauma Victims? Do you want to keep all of your options open and be Certified in ALL these Grief Specialties through our MASTER GRIEF COACH BLUEPRINT?

We have a program perfect for your goals and visions for your future.

Let us help you. Our Admissions Grief Specialists are waiting to help. Call now at 484-383-3900 or Schedule a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION.

Effective Coaching Feedback
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Become a Grief Coach: About Us
  • Qualities of Effective Coaching Feedback


  • Intend to help (not to control or manipulate)


  • Is a subjective interpretation (I language) delivered in the moment (or soonafter)


  • Presume innocence (not attributing negative motives)


  • Describe observed behaviours and impacts (not evaluate and judge)


  • Be authentic and candid AND compassionate, to build trust and respect

  • Stimulate mutual learning and inspired action


  • Allows receiver to maintain dignity and self respect


  • Allows receiver to maintain control over his or her choices and how to respond to the feedback

  • taken from Thomas Crane ,

  • “The Heart of Coaching”, 2002.

Grief Coach

Exploratory Questions

Sample exploratory 3D questions


What are you feeling at the moment?


Why are you feeling like that?


Is it a feeling you want to change?


What would you like to feel?


What are you thinking or saying to yourself?


Why do you think you are saying that?


What does this mean about you?


How are you behaving?


Why are you behaving that way and could you do something different?


How would you like to behave?


To what extent are your feelings driving what you are thinking?


To what extent are your thoughts triggering a certain feeling?


How are your thoughts impacting on what you are doing?


How are your feelings influencing what you do?


In what way are your behaviours influencing your feelings?


To what extent are your behaviours impacting on what you are thinking?


Sample “pause” questions –

 highlighting the choice points where things could be done differently


At what point did you realise that the choice being made was not right?


What did you feel when you realised this?


What did you do?


What would be the benefit of pushing the pause button before it happened?


Do you think you might be able to push the pause button before it happensnext time?


At what point might you realistically be able to push the pause button nexttime?

What can I do to help you push the button?

What do you need most right now?


What can you do now to help yourself push the pause button next time?These exploratory questions help you gain an understanding of the issue the coachee wishes to address. Ideally the aim is to gather information from all 9 quadrants.


 in reality this may not be as easy because coachees (e.g. all people)

tend to come from certain “clusters” of quadrants.



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