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Grief Coach Certification Program

The First Step to Becoming a Certified Grief Coach

This Certification prepares you to become a Professional Grief Coach who assist, comfort and encourage mourners. Students will learn skills that will empower them to succeed:

  • How to Actively Listen so that People Feel Heard

  • What Questions to Ask to Reach the Heart

  • How to know when/if Clients Need Higher Level of Care

  • Show Genuine Compassion to the Suffering

  • Identify Special Challenges to Moving Foward

  • Visualize an Abundant Future without Their Loved One

  • Harness Hope to Enable Clients to Thrive 

Certified Grief Coach Certification Includes 8 Courses

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  • Fundamentals of Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Person-Centered, Cognitive, Pastoral Counseling

  • Attachment Theory

  • Grief & Mourning Foundational Beliefs

  • Mourner-Centered Talk Therapy

  • New Model of Grief

  • Living in the Reality of the Loss

  • Grief's Physical Side Effects

  • The Grief Recovery Process

  • Shock: Nature's Anaesthetic

  • Dealing with Law Enforcement

  • Understanding the Six Needs of Mourning

  • The Language of Mourners

  • The Aftermath

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Abortion, Stillbirth, Miscarriage

  • Why Did My Baby Die

  • Unidentified Risks of Pregnancy Loss

  • Separation, Solitude and Isolation

  • Facing Loss

  • Acceptance

  • Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant

  • The Worst Loss

  • What Parents Lose

  • The Family Undone: What Siblings Lose

  • How Could it Happen? The Ways Children Die

  • Acute Grief

  • Mourning: The Long Haul

  • Suspended in Pain: Barriers to Grieving &  Their Resolution

  • The Emotional, Physical, Mental, Relational, Spiritual and Future Impact

  • Stigma & Facing the World

  • Guilt & Shame

  • Legal Repercussions

  • The Disease of Addiction

  • Bearing the Unbearable

  • Living Forward

  • Every 17 Minutes

  • The Suicidal Mind

  • The Fatal Journey

  •  Dispel the Misconceptions about Suicide

  •  Uniqueness of Your Suicide Grief

  •  Seek Reconciliation, Not Resolution

  •  Nurture Yourself

  •  Appreciate Your Transformation

  • Understanding the Origins of Complicated Grief

  • Identifying Complicated Grief - Symptoms and Categories

  • Guilt, Regret and Self Blame

  • Unembarked Grief

  • Companioning People experiencing Complicated Relief

  • The Griever’s Relationship to the Person Who Died

  • Show Up and Enter their World

  • What Helps in Grief often Helps in Life

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  • Every Loss Has Meaning: What is Meaning?

  • Grief Must Be Witnessed

  • The Meaning of Death

  • The First Step in Finding Meaning

  • More Love Than Pain

  • The Legacy

  • Everything Has Changed Forever

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