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Children's Grief Coach Certification 

Childrens Grief Coach Certification Bann

The First Step to Becoming a Certified Grief Coach that specializes in working with Grieving Children

This Certification prepares you to become a Professional Grief Coach who assist, comfort and encourage children in mourning over the death of a parent, sibling, grandparent, or friend. Students will learn skills that will empower them to succeed:

  • Understanding the Needs of Grieving Children

  • How to Actively Listen so that Children Feel Heard

  • What Questions to Ask Children to Reach the Heart

  • How to know when/if a ChildNeed Higher Level of Care

  • Show Genuine Compassion to the Suffering Child

  • Identify Special Challenges in Child's Life

  • Visualize an Abundant Future without Their Loved One

  • Harness Hope to Enable Children to Thrive 

Children's Grief Coach Certification Includes 7 Courses

  • ​What Makes Each Child’s Grief Unique

  • Scared/Sad/Mad/Tired/Glad: How a Child Thinks, Acts and Feels

  • Techniques for Counseling Grieving Children

  • A Family Systems Approach to Companioning Grieving Children

  • Factors that Influence Childhood Grief

  • Creating a Safe Space for Support

  • Loss as a Catalyst for Growth & Understanding

  • Children’s Inner Knowledge of Death and Their Symbolic Languages

  • Companioning Children through Grief

  • Finding the Right Words

  • Mourning is Essential to Healing

  • When someone dies by suicide

  • When someone dies by homicide or manslaughter

  • Giving Children Roots and Wings

  • The Value of Play

  • Noticing, Praising and Criticizing

  • Authentic Success

  • Positive Discipline Strategies

  • Increasing Kids Control

  • Delaying Gratification

sunset-3125887_1920 (1).png
  • Impact of Parental Death on Children

  • Emotional Wellness

  • How Stressed are Our Children?

  • What I Wish I Could Have Told My Mom

  • The Value of Expressive Writing

  • Emotional First Aid

  • Remembering

clouds-404353_1920 (1).png
  • Am I Qualified to Work with Grieving Children

  • Bereaved Children Speak

  • What would you say if you had one more minute?

  • School Based Crisis Response

  • Managing PTSD through Play Therapy

  • Trauma Prevention Curricula

  • Families in Crisis

  • Teen Grief: How Big Is It?

  • Comfort a Grieving Teen

  • Struggling with Anger

  • Overcoming Anxiety

  • A Grieving Teenager What Activities Can I Do with My Teen to Help them Grieve

  • Hope Again Hope in Grief

  • Therapeutic Games for Teens : Psychology & Mental Health

  • The Needs of Terminally Ill Children

  • Children's Palliative Care

  • Hospice for Children

  • When a child is dying, the hardest talk is worth having

  • Incompatible with Life

  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

  • End of Life Therapy

  • After the Child Has Died

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