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A companion for the mourner who supports, understands and champions the grieving.

  • A Grief Coach helps a person in mourning to process, integrate and move forward amidst their losses.

  • A Grief Coach helps their client to make sustained cognitive, behavioral and emotional changes that facilitate change and healing.

  • A Grief Coach equips people with the tools, knowledge and habits that they need to survive and thrive after the death of a loved one.

  • A Grief Coach does not tell people what to do or tell them about their own losses.

  • A Grief Coach listens actively, intently, lovingly and patiently while the griever expresses whatever they need to express in whatever timeframe they need.

  • A Grief Coach is non-judgmental and does not push their expectations or needs onto their clients.

  • A Grief Coach enters into an equal partnership with their client whereby goals are set, and the coach works diligently to meet their needs and expectations.

  • A Grief Coach is not a counselor or therapist who is retained to fix an unhealthy condition. Grief is a normal process of living. A coach may recommend a higher level of care, if appropriate.

  • A Grief Coach helps their clients to learn, rather than teaching them.

  • A Grief Coach helps a person to change in the ways they wish and helps them to move in the direction they want to go.

  • A Grief Coach supports their client through the extraordinary trauma of the death of a child or a spouse or other traumatic event until they no longer need that level of care.

Grief Coach Certification Programs

Choose from our 5 Certifications or bundle them together to earn multiple certifications.  Become a CERTIFIED GRIEF COACH who is qualified and competent to work with individual or group clients in any setting. Change your life and others lives today by investing in yourself and your future.