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The Fall of Adam: The Curse of Death

The subject of death seems to be of great interest to believer and non-believer alike. The thought of an after-math of events that is unknown to the mind sparks much intrigue and debate, or, converse to that, the lack (of 'supposed' events) seem to illicit an equal amount of attention. Be that as it may, whatsoever logic man chooses to reason with, death, much like its subject of conversation, is something that cannot be avoided. However, of greater concern is the lack of knowledge on the spiritual death all men are born into and subject towards.

In speaking of the curse of death reference is made to Adam's transgression and his fall from the light of God, meaning that with his (Adam's) sin, God initiated the curse of (spiritual) death. Through this transgression, Adam brought upon all of man born thereafter the curse of death (Rom 5:12). One needs to understand that the death God was speaking of (Gen 2:17) and put upon all mankind was a spiritual one. If one had to say, for the purpose of illustration, that 'in death there is no life' it would clearly be stating the obvious because our perspective would be according to the flesh, a physical death in other words; but if one had to say 'a spiritual death that all men are born into is void of the life and Light of God' it might take on another meaning or form. This is because one is then saying that all of mankind is born void of the presence of God, the one and only true power that can remove death's sting.

How does Satan use the curse of death against man?

Satan, understanding that man was fashioned in the image of God (Gen 1:27), uses the design of man (which is to follow after knowledge) together with his (Satan's) influence of false knowledge to create a false reality or false promise that the penalty of death can be overcome through faith in the flesh. In essence this means that Satan, through his influence of false knowledge, allows man to think that the power of overcoming death resides within the hands of man, keeping faith bound to that which is from beneath and not that which is from above. This is the craftiness of Satan; this is the thinking of the Antichrist.

Essentially the Antichrist uses God's design within the soul of man with the influence of Satan's false knowledge campaign to perpetuate the curse of death upon man. If man chooses to embrace the knowledge, traditions, philosophies and rituals of this world for the purpose of faith he is making himself of service to a corrupted system that has been cleverly constructed by the workings of the Antichrist Spirit. This keeps man bound to a system of darkness, continuously following the next set of knowledge that promises to provide spiritual freedom or emancipation, yet that falls short on delivery. What better way to keep man bound to death than to present something that may seem real, but that is void of the power of God?

Death's battle is not in the flesh

Taking what has been said then into account, it would not make sense to reason that death (sin) can be overcome by the very system of sin (Satan). That's like saying one should combat darkness with darkness which seems illogical at best. If God placed something upon man, then surely it can only be God that can remove it? When then did people start believing that the power to overcome all things lies within their hands? The answer is simple: Since the beginning of time.

The influence of the Antichrist Spirit is seen in how it deceives man into thinking that the sting of death has been overcome by faith in the flesh when the conscience of man testifies of something else. The operation of the Antichrist Spirit is effective because it (Satan) knows man, and knows how to use knowledge against man. If death has been fought and victory is in the hands of the believer why then are people still feeling the conscience cry out against them? Why do they still feel as if their faith is void of the power of God? Because man is working with the wrong spirit. The Spirit of God works with the record of Jesus Christ and not the record of man's soul; meaning that as long as man tries to remove the curse of death through false counsel (false knowledge) he will always be bound to death or to the very source that keeps him in darkness (the Antichrist).

God set the pattern for our redemption in Jesus Christ. It is through Him alone that the curse of death is removed and man is able to truly walk in the liberty of Christ. When Jesus Christ stands as our justification the wrath of God is removed and man is free to act in the interest of God. The problem though, with the craftiness of the Antichrist Spirit, is that it has constructed many manners in which to overcome death through false knowledge apart from the effectual working of the power of God.

In reading 'Breaking the Antichrist code: The blueprint of deception' the writer rightly points this out on page 176, saying: "The soul suffers when increasing after the likeness of the Antichrist spirit. Yet it is almost impossible for people to trace that suffering back to its source because they do not understand the history of the Antichrist spirit and his system... It is difficult for people to perceive the curse of death upon knowledge because they don't understand the history of Satan's corruption of God's truth. Without this background understanding, people cannot perceive what is correct, and their future is molded by Satan's confidence philosophies."

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Mimi Rothschild

Mimi Rothschild is the Founder and CEO of the Global Grief Institute which provides Certification training programs forGrief Coach, Trauma Coach, End of Life Coach, and Children's Grief Coach. She is a survivor who has buried 3 of her children and her husband of 33 years. She is available for speaking engagements and comments to the press on any issue surrounding thriving after catastrophic loss. MEDIA INQUIRIES:

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