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Life Beyond Trauma

The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.  —Zen saying While the pain and suffering of trauma can seem unbearable, every day we see examples of people who have found a way not only to survive their experiences but also to really live their life to the fullest. This book is about finding your way back to your valued life.

Finding Life Beyond Trauma  We hope to help you to move toward living a vital, rich, and awake life.

What Is Trauma? Trauma is defined as a serious physical or emotional distress and disruption. Experiencing trauma can be the result of common life experiences such as accidents or involvement in personal relationships.

However, trauma can also result from extraordinary experiences such as war, natural disasters, or terrorist events. No matter how careful we are, it is fairly likely that we will experience one or more traumatic experiences in our lifetime. You probably picked out this book because you, or someone you know, are hurting and have not been able to find the cure to help the pain go away.Many people wonder why the hurt and fear from trauma do not fade on their own and why they often seem to be getting worse. Some people feel empty, out of control, scared, hopeless, or even “dead.” These are common reactions in people who have experienced trauma. But, along with these feelings, you can also feel proud that you are a survivor. You are alive and have persevered despite the trauma you have experienced. No matter how hard it has been, you are here and you are reading this article. We assume that you are looking for ways to enhance your life, and that is what this book is about. T


Mimi Rothschild

Mimi Rothschild is the Founder and CEO of the Global Grief Institute which provides Certification training programs forGrief Coach, Trauma Coach, End of Life Coach, and Children's Grief Coach. She is a survivor who has buried 3 of her children and her husband of 33 years. She is available for speaking engagements and comments to the press on any issue surrounding thriving after catastrophic loss. MEDIA INQUIRIES:

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