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Life and Death: Joy and Pain

In the universe, there are energies that attribute to life and death. These energies are the balance of the universe. These energies allow continuity in the universe. Energies of life help to create while energies of death help to destroy. Wherever there is life, death will be there. Humans have difficulty dealing with death. For us, death is unknown. Most of us fear of death. We see death as a bad thing. Therefore, death causes us grief and suffering. In this article, we are going to explore the journey from life to death and find solutions how to deal with them.

The human life starts off as a single cell. A cell is formed when a male sperm cell fertilizes a female egg. During sexual intercourse, a male will ejaculate over 300,000,000 sperm cells into a female vagina and sometimes only one will survive and fertilize the female egg. The other sperms cells are destroyed by fluids in the female body. In the female body, there are fluids that will aid the sperm cells to get to the egg and there are fluids that will try to destroy the sperm cell before they reach the egg. Out of the 300,000,000 sperm cells ejaculated in the woman vagina, only a few dozen will make it to the egg. However, only the first one that makes it to the egg will fertilize the egg. The other sperm cells will be destroyed. This is how the human life starts. This human cell is the creator of all human being. This cell will form, shape, and give us consciousness, intelligence, and all that we are.

Life is a gift. With life, we're able to see this great creation called the Universe. We can live forever and we will see nothing more spectacular than the Universe. The Universe is the greatest spectacle. So, even if one lives for a short time, life grants us the privilege of seeing the greatest spectacle there is - The Universe. There should be no pain in this if we truly understood. Some journeys are short while the others are long. Life grants us a conscious and intellectual journey in time, in this Universe.

For humans, this is easier said than done. We become attach to family, friends, and things. We have emotions. Emotions bring us joy and pain. There are events that either trigger emotion of joy or pain.

Once we have life, we become a living being. Life allows us consciousness, intelligence, and function-ability. Being alive brings us many challenges. We then have needs and wants. The more needs and wants, the more challenges we have. Living becomes bittersweet.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

When we're winning, we feel glorious, when we lose, we feel despair.

When we win, we feel confident, when we lose we feel insecure.

Winning triggers the emotion of joy and happiness; in contrast, losing triggers the emotion of sadness and despair.

When we are winning, we thanks and praise life, when we are losing, we curse and question life.

This is generally human behavior and reaction. This brings us to the situation of death. We know for a fact that we all will die someday. However, death triggers the emotion of sadness and grief. Sometimes we handle this sadness and grief fairly well, but other times we handle them very badly because we fail to accept the condition and time of death. This will cause tremendous sadness, grief, and suffering. In a situation like this, people need help to get out of this misery and suffering.

We are going to explore this situation and its solution. It is normal to mourn our loved ones when they die. Mourning should be for a brief period where the living ones grieve for the dead. It is usually a ritual where we say goodbye to the dead ones and bury them. It is normal to feel some sadness for a short time after burial. It is obvious to remember our loved ones after they passed away and keep their memory alive. These behavior are healthy and good, and humans adopt very well under these circumstances. However, there are times when circumstances of death become unbearable. These circumstances of death fill us with anger and grief. Depending upon the severity of the anger and grief, these conditions can become very unhealthy for the human condition. Let's look closely why.

There are times when the condition and time of death will shock us and send us into despair and nothing makes sense. In times like this, we feel hopeless. Usually, we loss sense of purpose at the same time the universe makes no sense to us. We usually question why such things happen. The longer we dwell on the situation, the worse our condition will be. Despair will turn into depression and depression will turn into a mental disorder.

A few things will happen during that process like we may lose our appetite and energy. We may sleep a lot or we may not sleep at all. We may have mental breakdown or we may weathered or die. To survive, we have to let go of the situation. We have to accept the course that the Universe provides. What happens here had to happen. This is destiny. At the end, we must adopt to the condition of the journey.

There are times when the condition of death will fill us with anger. Anger is a defense mechanism that we use in physical confrontation. It is a rush of adrenalin that gives us courage and strength if used for short period of time. When we feel angry and we can't dispose it of, then it turns into rage. Rage is like a cancer that eats us. Rage will affect us in many ways. First, there is mood swing where a person will get short-tempered and edgy. The anger acting up and has no place to go. Other symptoms of anger turning into rage include restlessness, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, etc. This condition after a period of time will lead to drug or alcohol addiction and even sickness.

We have to deal with anger. We need to burn it out like we do in confrontation. This requires going to the gym and burn that adrenalin out. We can run until we are exhausted or we can punch a punching bag until free of that adrenalin and become free. The funny thing about anger is that it has a trigger. Every time we hit that trigger, the anger comes back. The solution is to get rid of the trigger point. When we get rid of whatever that is making us angry, we get rid of the trigger point. Thus, we get rid of the rage.

(1) Acceptance of the time and situation of death, and (2) Forgiveness are two ways we heal ourselves from anger that doesn't occur from physical confrontation.

The energies that aid life and death rule the universe. The energies of life are always before the energies of death and the energies of life always prevail above the energies of death. The energies of life are the creator of all good things whereas the energies of death are the creator of all destructive things. The energies of life fill the Universe with beauty and splendor while the energies of death destroy. There can't be one without the other. Together they make the Whole and the Universe is complete because there is balance. Balance cause continuity. If there is no balance, there is no continuity. The energies of life and death are necessary in the Universe.


Mimi Rothschild

Mimi Rothschild is the Founder and CEO of the Global Grief Institute which provides Certification training programs forGrief Coach, Trauma Coach, End of Life Coach, and Children's Grief Coach. She is a survivor who has buried 3 of her children and her husband of 33 years. She is available for speaking engagements and comments to the press on any issue surrounding thriving after catastrophic loss. MEDIA INQUIRIES:

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